A week without cachaça

A week without cachaça

A week without cachaça is like any other week, except you don’t get to experience something new. As you know, I’m not one of those people who has a favorite drink and sticks by it until the end of time. I’m a cachaça guy, to be sure, but I have never wanted to limit myself to one type or style of cachaça.

But this past week, as I’ve been in the US, to get my vaccine finally, I’ve abstained from cachaça. That doesn’t mean I don’t have cachaça with me, nor does it mean that I don’t have access to cachaça. It just means I haven’t had any.

When you’re undertaking exploration, no matter what it is, not seeing or interacting with the object of your exploration is a bit destabilizing. So it is here in the US. I don’t feel lonely, nor do I feel like I’m missing a piece of me. But I do miss the exploration.

Because of the pandemic, it’s not as easy to find cachaça. It’s just not selling well retail. I’ve looked online, and sure, there are a few stores around DC that have industrially produced cachaça. But as of this writing, I have yet to find small-batch cachaça at a local liquor store.

Fear not because I won’t give up. And luckily, I did bring some with me. Unfortunately, these cachaças are well known to me.

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