Cachacier’s First Blend

Cachacier’s First Blend

Thanks to our partners at Princesa Isabel, Cachacier is able to present a wonderful, tropical, 4-wood blend. But, you may be wondering what exactly we mean when we say a blend.

When consumers hear the word blend, most automatically think about whisky/whiskey. It’s the distilled spirit that uses the word blend most commonly in the U.S. And though the definition of a blend varies a bit across geographies, the general blend is a mix of whiskies possibly made from different grains, possibly including neutral spirits, possibly distilled in pot or column stills. However, it’s safe to say that the whiskey and whisky categories rely on oak-aging, since in most locations, it’s required by law.

But a cachaça blend is something entirely different. A blend refers explicitly to mixing cachaça aged in at least two kinds of wood, in a given proportion. Remember, cachaça can be aged in dozens of different types of wood (though most producers only use a handful of wood-types).

There is no limit to the different types of wood-aged cachaça that can be blended together. Behind these blends is a knowledgeable master blender who is experimenting with cachaças he has on hand to determine whether he can come up with an exceptional product. As with any other distilled spirit, cachaças aged in different barrels aren’t simply thrown together and bottled. They’re carefully crafted and considered.

Princesa Isabel created this blend for Cachacier focusing specifically on tropical woods. Three of these woods are native to Brazil (Jequitibá, Amburana, and Balsamo), while one (Jaqueiro) is not native, but flourishes in Brazil. The cachaça was aged separately in different barrels for two years and then blended together. The blend was made with the following proportion:

  • 50% Jequitiba
  • 30% Amburana
  • 15% Jaqueira
  • 5% Balsamo

Because so many different types of wood are used to make barrels, there are numerous blends to be created. As cachaça producers continue to show, they do not lack creativity. They work with an inspiring fearlessness, attempting to create new works of art.

It’s a truly great time to be part of this community and experience the fantastic blends. Master blenders are using their skills to gather the right proportions of aged cachaça to make breathtaking creations.

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