How to Drink Cachaça

How to Drink Cachaça

This seems like a strange question. Of course, you drink it with your mouth.

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Okay, that’s not quite the point of the question. I get it. So I’ll set my humor to the side.

Let’s be clear—there aren’t a lot of rules when it comes to drinking cachaça.

The only hard rule is that cachaça cannot be consumed quickly. You don’t down a shot of cachaça in one gulp. Good cachaça is meant to be sipped and appreciated, whether on its own or in a cocktail.

Other than that, there is no right or wrong way to prepare cachaça for consumption. It depends on your tastes.

On its own, cachaça can be consumed neat, on ice, or with a bit of water to open its palate and nose. You may prefer to chill some cachaça in the refrigerator or your freezer. And don’t worry, your cachaça won’t ever turn into a solid block of ice.

You may want to consume your cachaça from a nice ISO glass. That way, you can have the whole sensory experience and not miss out on a single aspect of your consumption.

If you’re into cocktails, you’ll want to follow us here at Cachacier for new recipes appearing on the regular. You can find all kinds of hints and tips for new drinks and how to incorporate cachaça into your old favorites.


The best advice is to experiment. Do you prefer to drink cachaça neat? On ice? Or are you a cocktail connoisseur? Whatever your preferences, you’ll find the perfect cachaça right here at Cachacier.



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