More than two and a half years of Cachaça for Gringos

More than two and a half years of Cachaça for Gringos

It’s hard to believe, especially since I’ve been so delinquent in my duties lately, that I’ve been writing about cachaça for more than two years now. When I started this journey, there were a few things motivating me.


First, I wanted to learn more about Brazil. Living in a different country can be disorienting when you’re not grounded in history and culture. Not sharing what natives share means that you’re always looking in from the outside.


Second, I wanted to visit places I might never have otherwise had a chance to visit. I have, of course, been fortunate enough wonderful places since I’ve lived here. But visiting distilleries is something different.


Third, I wanted to meet new people. I haven’t been an out-going person in a while. Not because I don’t want to be, but because I’ve had other things occupying my mind. But meeting people who aren’t directly in my possible circle of friends, creating my own friends-circle was important to me.


When I started, I really didn’t know much about any distilled spirits. I really was a beer guy. I largely kept spirits at a distance because they somehow seemed caustic to me. There was simply no way, I believed, that I would ever return to consuming distilled spirits in my lifetime. Again, this was before I started writing.


But the more I explored, the more I realized just how much cachaça means, not only as a product, but as an expression of cultural. My motivations for exploring cachaça didn’t change, exactly. The list of motivations merely became longer.


Cachaca is a sensory experience. It’s about sight, smell and taste. And each expression either connects to a past memory or creates a new experience.


Cachaca is about tradition and experimentation; it’s a combination of the new and old; it’s a celebration of life. In other words, it’s a perfect representation of Brazil.


Cachaça is at once a very personal, yet at the same time bigger than any individual. It’s a universe unto itself, where the only limit is the distiller’s imagination.


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