What is Cachacier?

What is Cachacier?

Welcome to the world of cachaça! Here at Cachacier, we find the best cachaça from Brazil and deliver it directly to your door.

So, what is cachaça? It’s a distilled spirit made from fermented sugarcane juice, that’s been produced for over 500 years, only in Brazil.

Today, it’s one of the most produced spirits on the planet, ahead of well-known names like whiskey and cognac. However, only one percent of all cachaça is exported from Brazil, so very few people know this unique spirit. So if you haven’t heard much about it, you’re not alone.

You might also be asking yourself, what is this weird name Cachacier? Well, a Cachacier can be thought of like a sommelier except instead of wine, in this case, we’re experts in cachaça.

I started Cachacier after living in Brazil for over eight years and discovering the vibrancy, history, and breadth of cachaça and its culture. Before this, like you, I knew almost nothing about it. While there is sporadic coverage of cachaça and its potential abroad as a product, little has been written in English about its history and cultural significance.

For several years, I had a blog called Cachaça for Gringos, where I wrote about the history, culture, and variety of cachaça, which can be found throughout the country. There are nearly one thousand producers of cachaça in Brazil, producing about 4,000 different brands, which in turn put out tens of thousands of different types of cachaça, from silver unaged, to 9 wood blends. 

So, what I found, quite quickly during my time writing the blog, is that there is an entire cachaça universe, almost entirely hidden from the rest of the world. The more I tried, the more I became convinced that people in the wider world are missing out on something very special.

Cachacier allows consumers in the US to try cachaça produced by some of the most well-respected distilleries and delivers their products directly to your door. 

These are products that you’re probably not going to find at your local liquor store or even at your local bar. We also educate consumers interested in learning more about cachaça and its cultural significance in Brazil. We work with the best distilleries and the most knowledgeable people in the industry to help you connect with the planet's most interesting, dynamic, distilled spirit.

But more than that, we provide a forum for our burgeoning cachaça community, people from across the US, who exchange information and ideas about this exciting spirit. 

So, if you’re interested, and 21 or over, keep up with us on the website to find our latest cachaça releases and learn more about this extraordinary cultural phenomenon.

Welcome to Cachacier. Welcome to The Spirit of Brazil.  


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