Princesa Isabel, Linhares, Espirito Santo


Princesa Isabel,
Linhares, Espirito Santo

The multi-award winning Princesa Isabel is distilled on Tupã farm at the mouth of the Sweet River in Linhares, Espirito Santo. Founded by Adão Cellia and Maria Isabel de Moraes (the namesake of the brand), the distillery produces 20 thousand liters of cachaça per year. The Cellia children, Pedro, Maria Clara, and Gabriela are also heavily involved with the distillery, overseeing everything from production to marketing. They also happen to all be doctors.Doctor Adão, as everyone calls him, is an anesthesiologist by training and Maria Isabel is a prolific artist. Their passion for the Brazilian spirit took them on a journey across the country, learning about production methods. This careful study, combined with the advice of chemist and master blender Leandro Marelli, helped the couple launch Princesa Isabel in 2016. Their cachaça is made using sugarcane varieties RB7515 and RB5453, as well as a small batch of Cana Caiana, a unique, high-quality variety rarely used for cachaça. After reaching maturity, the sugarcane is hand-cut, and pressed within twelve hours to extract the juice. After going through filtration, the sugarcane juice begins fermentation using Sacaromyces serevisen of the CA11 variety, and goes on to be distilled in copper. The distillery produces both aged and unaged products, with a heavy emphasis on wood that is native to Brazil, as well as oak. Everyone at Princesa Isabel cares deeply about preserving the habitat that surrounds Fazenda Tupã. Through its organic production, its conservation of natural resources, and use of solar energy, Princesa Isabel has established itself as one of the premiere distilleries in the country not only in terms of the quality of its cachaça but also in protecting natural resources, which is precisely why they were chosen as Cachacier’s first partner.