Cachaça, Aged 2 Years in a 4 Wood Blend

Cachaça, Aged 2 Years in a 4 Wood Blend

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This is a beautiful experiment from a highly acclaimed distillery called Princess Isabel.  It is aged for 2 years in 4 different types of wood—Jequitibá, Amburana, Jaqueira, and Balsamo—and then expertly blended.  This product is not sold in Brazil and can only be found with Cachacier.  When I had the opportunity to sample this Cachaca, I was blown away. It really is one of the most approachable Brazilian-wood blends I’ve ever had. With a nose that is fruity and slightly sweet, the palate is marvelous in its simplicity. With notes of various tropical fruits, and spices, yet without relying on sweetness as a vehicle, the taste is unlike any other distilled spirit you’re likely to have had.  The Cachacier team picked this stunner because we really wanted enthusiasts to experience multi-wood blends. Multi-wood blends are an important part of cachaça culture and cachaça creation is this is the best entry level example we’ve ever tried.

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