Cachaça, Aged 2 Years in Jequitiba

Cachaça, Aged 2 Years in Jequitiba

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Princesa Isabel’s Jequitibá-aged cachaça is so good that it won best silver cachaça in Brazil in 2018.  That’s an outstanding achievement considering the number of silvers available.  For many Brazilians, Jequitibá is an essential wood in which to age cachaça. Some describe the wood as “the oak of Brazil”. However, you’ll notice that the wood transmits very little color to the cachaça. What those who call it the Brazilian oak mean is that it is a very popular wood, with a few similar notes, including vanilla, that you might associate with oak. What you’ll really notice, however, is how the wood softens the cachaça, much like oak does. Jequitibá-aged cachaça is terrific neat or on the rocks. However, many barkeeps prefer Jequitibá-aged cachaça to unaged cachaça for creating cocktails, because it softens the palate while not entirely changing the flavor of the original cachaça.  

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