Princesa Isabel Jequitibá

Princesa Isabel Jequitibá

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A stunning example of a silver cachaça created by the Princesa Isabel Distillery. This Jequitibá-aged cachaça is so good that it won best silver cachaça in Brazil in 2018 which is an outstanding achievement considering the number of silvers it was competing against.  

The Jequitibá wood transmits very little color to the cachaça while imparting subtle notes of vanilla similar to aging in oak. What you’ll really notice, however, is how the wood rounds out and softens the cachaça. Many Brazilian bartenders prefer Jequitibá-aged cachaça to unaged cachaça for creating cocktails, because it softens the palate while not entirely changing the flavor of the original cachaça. This cachaça is so nuanced it can also be enjoyed neat or on the rocks.

Distillery & Production

This award winning Cachaca comes from Princesa Isabel distillery at the mouth of the Sweet River in Linhares, Espirito Santo. Founded in 2016 by Adão Cellia and Maria Isabel de Moraes (the namesake of the brand), the distillery uses sugarcane varieties RB7515 and RB5453, as well as a small batch of Cana Caiana, a unique, high-quality variety rarely used for cachaça. After reaching maturity, the sugarcane is hand-cut, and pressed within twelve hours to extract the juice. After going through filtration, the sugarcane juice begins fermentation using Sacaromyces serevisen of the CA11 variety, and goes on to be distilled in copper

The distillery produces both aged and unaged products, with a heavy emphasis on wood that is native to Brazil, as well as oak. Princesa Isabel cares deeply about preserving the habitat that surrounds the distillery. Through its organic production, its conservation of natural resources, and use of solar energy, Princesa Isabel has established itself as one of the premiere distilleries in the country not only in terms of the quality of its cachaça but also in protecting natural resources.

Flavor Profile

While this cachaça is aged for 2 years in Jequitibá wood, it does retain the grassy vegetal notes of an unaged cachaca. The aging does impart vanilla flavor notes similar to oak.  Mostly the wood confers a rounded soft palette to the cachaca so there is none of that ethanol bite that unaged cachaças can have.


Size: 750ml 

ABV:  40%

Aged:  2 Years

Wood: Jequitibá

State of Origin: Espirito Santo

Producer: Princesa Isabel

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